For over 30 years we have designed, built and restored our clients’ homes according to each individual expectation and budget.



The design of each property starts with the customer’s idea and stems from the sharing of needs, vision and expectation all the way to the final result.

  1. We carry out an accurate survey of the building or area
  2. We model in 3D the state of affairs and the final result
  3. We share the design solution with virtual reality techniques
  4. We integrate the design with the structural and plant executives
  5. We find any administrative measures to be able to carry them out
  6. We assist the client in obtaining the financing to carry out the work, at his credit institution
  7. We replace the client in relations with any public administration and with service supply entities.

New builds

We build new homes using traditional techniques with reinforced concrete in place or new construction systems that are efficient in terms of anti-seismic and energy saving.

We offer our experience in the most innovative construction techniques such as steel, brick, multilayer wood and prestressed reinforced concrete.

Do you have land or do you already have a house and are you ready to replace it with a more current production? Call us and talk to one of our experienced architects.

Your project will be assigned a reference architect who will be at your disposal for the duration of the work. We follow the design, rendering, installation, administrative permits and finally we will deliver the finished and tested property to you.


Both internal and external renovations are aimed at the redevelopment of the property. We can follow renovations for:

  • Simple redistribution of spaces
  • Expansions and optimization of volumes
  • Energy requalification

If conservation obligations arise for the most varied reasons, we focus on the redevelopment and efficiency of what is already there. The results often exceed expectations!

Our projects

Do you want to get an idea of ​​how we work and see what we have been up to over the years? Take a look at some of our most significant projects from the last decade.

Palatini Architects

Since 1990 the Palatini name has dealt in:

  • Project Management
  • Architectural and structural design
  • Design of all power plant components
  • Interior Design with the development of executive details for customized productions
  • Architectural direction of work including the structural and artistic fields of the preliminary stages to delivery
  • Total work execution through general contracting Turn Key activities
  • Any purchase of tax credits by means of a discount on the invoice